Bærum hospital

Coromatic delivers emergency power to operating rooms

Bærum Hospital is located in Sandvika in Akershus County, and is among the 10 largest hospitals in Norway. The oldest building is from 1924, whereas the new building was erected in 2006. The hospital provides myriad services, from surgery and emergency services to labour and delivery, and the hospital also plays host to an active research community. Vestre Viken Health Trust is the owner of the hospital, which has approx. 2300 employees.


Case study Bærum - Coromatic


Coromatic won the open tender for the turnkey contract

The collaboration between Coromatic and Bærum Hospital began when Coromatic beat out the competition in an open tender for a turnkey contract. The hospital needed to upgrade its technical solutions and equipment and ensure compliance with new standards and regulations.

The contract was primarily to provide a secure power supply to the hospital’s operating rooms. Coromatic was chosen as number 1 based on our ability to offer a comprehensive solution at a competitive price. Coromatic’s supply consisted of two diesel generator sets, type FG Wilson P1250P3, and two UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) units, type DELPHYS GP 200, with batteries for 1 hour of operation at full capacity. In addition, we provided various support functionality, such as sensors, alarm systems and fire extinguishing systems. Last, but not least, the bid included rewiring of all electrical installations and coordination with the new transformer.


Case study Bærum - Coromatic


The UPS system was delivered complete with control panels and battery banks, and all the equipment was installed in the hospital’s existing building mass.

By installing a UPS system and generators, the hospital has ensured an uninterruptible power supply to all local critical infrastructure, such as operating rooms and control rooms.


Strong project management from start to finish

The project launched in late 2016. Given the considerable scope and complexity of this project, Coromatic emphasized strong project management and good communication with the hospital from day one.

The hospital’s technical management greatly appreciated having one single contractor to relate to for the entire project period. Coromatic is a leading supplier of complete solutions – we manage everything from planning and design to maintenance and operation of different systems.

Our unparalleled expertise in secure power supplies and data communication allows us to find the optimal solution for each individual customer.


Case study Bærum - Coromatic


As a side note, we find it interesting that the rooms currently being used as technical rooms used to house the hospital’s libraries. Coromatic was consulted on the design when the hospital handled the remodelling of these rooms.

In addition, Coromatic served as technical consultants in the process of constructing a new separate building to house the generators. The generator building project also included a fuel storage facility, consisting of two tanks with a capacity of 6000 litres each. These were installed underground. Seeing as the generator building was constructed at one end of the hospital grounds and the UPS room at the other, power and control cables had to be routed 250 metres through ducts underground and across ceilings and hallways inside the hospital. In other words, the installation stage of the project was formidable. Coromatic’s crews completed all of their work while the hospital was fully operational. Absolutely no downtime was required to make this happen.


After completion

The project was completed on 24 April 2018. Since then, Coromatic received a supplementary contract for two additional UPS units at 200 kvA each, and this equipment has been supplied and installed. The new UPS units have been set up to provide an uninterrupted power supply to patient surgery, in accordance with the requirement to have both a UPS and a generator installed. After completion, the hospital took on the responsibility of operating and maintaining the technical solutions.


Case study Bærum - Coromatic


Trond Hatlevoll is the manager in charge of electrical installations who oversees all electrical equipment and installations at the hospital.

The technical equipment is working like clockwork, and the hospital has invested in a reliable back-up power solution that contributes to a secure technical infrastructure and, in turn, improved patient safety.

– We are proud of our social responsibility as a supplier of technical solutions to critical functions such as hospitals. Without a secure power supply, operating rooms are not available to patients, says Leif Lippestad, Managing director of Coromatic AS.